2023 - Jim Dugan's Open Garden

Club members had an enjoyable day in Jim Dugan's garden on June 29, 2023 socializing, enjoying the beautiful flowers, and a wonderful potluck luncheon. Several members took a walk around the wooded fenceline of the property as well, enjoying the company of Irish Setter companions Jazz and Jamie.

Jim Dugan - large bed - 23JM

A view with several members viewing the large daylily bed at Jim and JoAnn's on June 29, 2023.

Abstract Geometry - 23

Abstract Geometry (Selman, 2015)

Alien Fingerprint - 23

Alien Fingerprint (Selman, 2016)

Alien Shadow -23

Alien Shadow (Selman, 2018)

All Fired Up - 23

All Fired Up (Stamile, 1996) - polymerous bloom

Chamberlain's Charge - 23

Chamberlain's Charge (Smoulder-T., 2022)

Dawn's Morning Light - 23

Dawn's Morning Light (Quinn, 2016)

Jim Dugan's - 23

Top of the hill next to the house, looking down at the daylilies. It is quite an experience (and would be a beautiful view, but for the smoke from the recent Canadian fires.)

Jim Dugan - overview

Top of the hill looking down at the "Fig and Raspberry" daylily garden.

Double Honey Cream - 23

Double Honey Cream (Gossard-D., 2019)

Double Pink Flamingo - 23

Double Pink Flamingo (Gossard-D., 2016)

It's Miller Time - 23

It's Miller Time (Gossard, 2017)

Jim Dugan - 23 - large bed (5)

A view of the top of the large bed from the entrance.

Jim Dugan's - 23 large bed (2)

Another overview of the large garden that holds over 400 daylilies while members Terri and Wayne were viewing the beautiful flowers.

Louisiana Morning - 23

Louisiana Morning (Salter, 2018)

Ntumeg Elf - 23

Nutmeg Elf (McCabe, 1978)

Topguns Head Hunter - 23

Topguns Head Hunter (Scott-B., 2017)

Woven Web - 23

Woven Web (Holley-B., 2012)

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