10/20-21/2017 - 23rd Annual Lilyhemmer Meeting

Friday October 20, 2017 to Saturday October 21, 2017


October 20-21 is the Region 3 Fall Meeting (actually 23rd Fall Festival) held in Camp Hill, near Harrisburg, PA. It is a fun fall weekend getaway with a full daylily program, including speakers, meals, games, auctions, and hospitality. Finish the season with a bang!

Official events are scheduled noon to noon, October 20-21, 2017. Many attendees arrive early on Friday and enjoy the informal preview activities Friday evening and Saturday morning.

Reward for new attendees:
We want to encourage new attendees and we are offering a nice daylily plant, minimum value of $35, to each new attendee. And there are lots of other prizes.

Huge prizes:
Lilyhemmer attendees can win lots of prizes during the raffles and games we play.

Link to Lilyhemmer site: http://www.lilyhemmer.org/

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