08/26/2017 ChDC Fall Auction

Saturday August 26, 2017


LOCATION: Shepherd of the Hills Social Hall, Ruckersville, VA

TIME: 12:00PM. Members are encouraged to bring their club plants and plants that they are donating for the auction in for recording requirements between 12:00pm and 12:30pm in order to get everything organized and make sure that all is ready and in proper order for the auction. Pot luck lunch starts at 1PM (bring your favorite dish to share!) The auction will begin around 2pm, give or take a bit of time depending on what we are still trying to get entered into the system.

EVERYONE IS WELCOME, you don't have to be a CLUB MEMBER to participate in this auction (to bid or to donate!!) Even if you are a guest, you can also bring plants to donate for the auction, and you can bid on plants that you want during the auction! We'd love to have you. Come and see what it's like to be in our club!

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