06/27/2020 - ChDC Open Gardens: LOUISE WALTON & TENA FELTS

Saturday June 27, 2020

ChDC Open Gardens 2020: RSVP to Charlottesvilledaylilyclub@gmail.com to ensure that someone will be here to greet you on Saturday. Gardens will be open until the last scheduled visitor has come.
TENA FELTS - open 8:00am-?? Last scheduled visit no later than noon
LOUISE WALTON - open 8:00am-?? Last scheduled visit no later than noon
(the addresses for these two gardens have been provided via private email to the ChDC club members, and can be provided upon verified request for anyone else that wishes to view the gardens and find out more about the Charlottesville Daylily Club. Please email any requests to the above email - the email address will be removed after June 27, 2020 for security purposes.)

Tena and Louise will open their gardens for viewing at/around 8am for early morning garden viewing. We will move on to Louise's garden after viewing Tena's garden. The planned route has been reversed, in order to accomodate those that wish to go to Deb's Daylilies and More after wrapping up at Louise's garden, as Deb's is approximately 30 minutes west of Keysville.

There will be NO POTLUCK LUNCHEON. Social Distancing guidelines apply to this event. Remember to bring water or whatever you need to keep yourself hydrated and such, as everyone is on their own for this event and nothing will be provided by the club.

NOTE: Gardens are best seen in the morning for the darker colored flowers, but can go into the afternoon as long as it's not blisteringly hot. We expect gardens to be open at least until 12pm, or until the last person that RSVP's leaves the garden.

Not on original schedule:
Deb's Daylilies and More is about an hour west of Crewe, about 30 minutes west of Keysville. The 8th Annual Wine and Flowers garden event is also on Saturday, June 27th starting at 12pm. There will be at least one food truck at Deb's Garden, as well as music and other activities. You are more than welcome to head over to Deb's garden in the afternoon if you are interested, but that location is not counted as a ChDC event for Membership Attendance requirements. A link to this event at Deb's Daylilies and More is here: https://www.facebook.com/events/3010572568991691/

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