05/03/2020 - ChDC Plants for Members Distribution 2020 - Innovation at it's finest!

Sunday May 3, 2020

Due to the Social Distancing requirements that are in place through June 10th as it stands right now, the club can not meet for the foreseeable future. The Plants for Members Committee has put together a plan of action regarding the May 3, 2020 Plants for Members Distribution. ELIGIBLE MEMBERS ONLY: Please respond to the Charlottesville Daylily Club email that you have read this document, and specify whether or not you wish to participate in the Plants for Members Distribution 2020.

The following SELECTION AND DISTRIBUTION document itself must be agreed to via an email response by the eligible member by April 7th to in order to participate in the program (the actual prioritized list is due no later than Wednesday April 29th.)

THIS IS A CONDENSED FORM OF WHAT YOU ARE AGREEING TO IN ORDER TO PARTICIPATE in the Plants for Members Distribution 2020: Anyone who wishes to participate would need to agree to the terms of allowing Craig and Angie to separate the plants and assign them to the person according to the receiver's prioritized wish list and random distribution number, and then would need to be willing and able to come (or send someone in their stead) DURING the designated time(s) on Sunday May 3, 2002 to pick up their plants.

This is the detailed document as follows:

1. We would set up a random draw for all eligible club members that wish to participate in the ChDC Plants for Members Distribution 2020 AND have stated that they agree to abide by the SELECTION AND DISTRIBUTION Document (the deadline to send emailed agreement of document and state that you wish to participate is April 7, 2020.):

  1. Each eligible club member that wishes to participate would send a prioritized list of plants (in the order you wish to have them selected for you) that they wish to grow and email it to the Charlottesville Daylily Club email ("if it's not on your prioritized list, you don't get to grow it") by Wednesday, April 29, 2020.

  2. Angie would divide the plants as per normal, and make the tags that go with the plants.

  3. Craig and Angie would use the lists that have been emailed to Angie from the members ALONG with their assigned random number, divide up the plants according to each person's number and list, and bag them up (paper grocery bags probably), and also record the distribution information per standard procedure.

  4. On Sunday, May 3, 2020, participants would "roll around the Bowald circle" and get their bag of plants. Only ONE person would be allowed to be out of the vehicle at a time using this method, so there might be a line of vehicles, but we would be able to hold true to the social distancing guidelines using this method. "Set the bag down, step away to be socially distant, and allow the receiving person to come forward and get the bag of plants. Receiving person reviews the plants, signs off that they have received the plants on the list, and returns the signed document to Angie and Craig for Committee Chair safe-keeping." Next vehicle... We can set up specific pick-up times for each person, or we can just do the general "roll-through" over a period of an hour or two. The timing is expected to be 1pm-3pm on Sunday May 3rd, but is subject to change with final information provided on Saturday May 2nd (via email.)

End of document --- the remainder is additional details about the Bishop plants and other sundry comments.

NOTE: The Bishop plants that were auctioned at the January Holiday meeting will be shipped here in time for the May Distribution and put in the appropriate owner's bag. If you choose not to participate in the P4M 2020 Program this spring and wish to have your Bishop plants mailed directly to you, I can provide the contact info and you can get those plants directly from the Bishops - you will just need to pay a $10 shipping fee to have them shipped directly to you.

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