04/22/2018 - ChDC Planters and Mushrooms Craft Session

Sunday April 22, 2018

LOCATION: Bowald Household

1:00PM Potluck luncheon (bring a dish to share - hospitality and drinks provided by the club.)

This is a craft day AT THE BOWALD HOUSE (but it will only happen if the weather is dry and above 55 degrees) ON SUNDAY, APRIL 23RD where we will plan to make a few "old towel" planters, fairy garden houses and DIY mushrooms for some new garden art for the summer. Those who might be interested in doing these little craft projects can let me know and we will see what we can pull together. Each participant will to bring some supplies of their own per the following (for the crafts that you wish to do!):
- MUSHROOMS: a pot and a saucer for each mushroom, either terra cotta or plastic (saucer should be oversized compared to the pot, and can be old and chipped for visual effect)
- PLANTERS: old towels that you should have thrown away a while ago (or new ones if you want to go out and get them) for the planters, and something to hold the shape of the planter so that you can transport it back home. (We have lots of plastic pots of various sizes here if you want to use them for the planter base.)

The club will provide the materials to make the holding solution for the planters, and paint supplies for the mushrooms.

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