2019 - Fall Newsletter

Nov 11, 2019

Hello all,
The meeting on 11/10/2019 was great! David and Doris Bishop's presentation was enjoyed by all, it was a great presentation. Loved all of David's hats, and everyone talked about how much they wanted to go and visit the Bishop gardens after the presentation.

Please welcome our new member Doris Williams and our returning member Lyn Lumpkins!! (both are included on this distribution list, so please update your ChDC list to include them, as well as Jack Baxter who joined earlier this spring!)

After the speaker meeting, we conducted our regular business meeting. The membership decided that we will continue to hold most of our meetings (including the January holiday meeting) at the Hadensville Fire Co #6.

We also elected officers for 2020-2021 as follows:

President: Margo Reed
Vice President: Angie Bowald
Secretary: Aimee Buchanan
Treasurer: Christina Lawrence

The meeting schedule for 2020 is as follows:
January 12, 2020: Holiday Meeting (Location: Hadensville Fire Co #6) 1:00pm potluck luncheon, 2:00pm meeting/social

(March meeting is tentative at this point - working on a speaker meeting for March)

April 20, 2020: Grelen Nursery (Location: 15111 Yager Rd, Somerset, VA 22972) Plans are to go in the morning and then have lunch at the cafe afterward. Anne Hooker is to make arrangements/confirm the appointment. NOTES: The Nursery is open Mon-Fri 9am-4pm by appointment only. The cafe is open Wednesday - Sunday, and the Market is also open Wednesday-Sunday. I'm a bit lost as to why we scheduled this for Monday instead of Wednesday, Thursday or Friday... if someone could please help me out on this. I think there might have been some conflicts for later in the week, maybe? If there aren't any conflicts for a date later in the week, I'd like to change this date so that we can do the market and the cafe as well. Please respond to this email if you have a conflict later the week of April 20th but are planning to attend. (Anne will work with Grelen Nursery in early December to confirm the meeting.)

May 3rd, 2020: Plants for Members Distribution meeting (Location: Hadensville Fire Co #6) 12:00pm setup, 1:00pm potluck luncheon, 2:00pm meeting/distribution of plants

June 27, 2020: Open Gardens - Louise Walton gardens @ 8-9am, Tena Felts gardens 9:30am - ?? Potluck luncheon @ Tena Felts Everyone will make their own travel arrangements to see the gardens, but Louise's garden will CLOSE at 9:30am so that she can go to Tena Felts with us and enjoy the gardens and social over there. RADS is scheduled for the same day at Tena's, I believe. TENA and LOUISE, please confirm that this schedule works for you. Craig/Angie will be bringing tables to set up for the luncheon and social, and everyone should bring their own lawn chairs.

August 30, 2020: ChDC Fall Auction (Location: Hadensville Fire Co #6) 11:30pm plant intake and set-up, 1:00pm Potluck Luncheon, 2:00pm auction

October 2020: Tom Smoulder speaker meeting - date to be determined (Location: Hadensville Fire Co #6) 1:00pm Potluck Luncheon, 2:00pm Business meeting and Speaker presentation

November 8 or 15th, 2020: ChDC Planning meeting for Calendar year 2021 (Location: TBD) 1:00pm Potluck Luncheon, 2:00pm Business meeting

January 10, 2021: Holiday Meeting (Location: Hadensville Fire Co #6) 1:00pm potluck luncheon, 2:00pm meeting/social

RECIPE for Angie's homemade Bread attached as requested: My breadmaker is the Westbend Baker's Choice Plus - has two kneaders and makes a horizontal loaf. Thanks so much for all the compliments on my bread at the meeting!!

Enjoy your holidays, everyone!
Angie Bowald

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